Our 65th Anniversary!

Here are a few of the almost 250 videos of students and parents we have on  Townnsend Music School's You Tube Channel. Of course, we had permissions from the parents to make these. The parents let me know that they felt the same way as their children. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful students  in our school.

We haven't made any videos recently, and we plan to get updated all new videos from all of the students who haven't gone off to college yet.

This is our miscellaneous page with testimonials, drawings, links to videos of our students, links to our favorite videos of professional performances, and anything else we though might be of interest.

It's a fact.

Music study leads to higher grades! Research consistently shows that students who take music lessons are more successful in school. Music students score higher on tests, do better in math and science, and develop spatial intelligence and logical thinking skills earlier than other students. Year after year, students who take music lessons score HIGHER on standardized tests, such as the SAT's. Furthermore, COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES view music education highly when considering college applications.

(from the parents and students)

Here is a brilliant,insightful student talking about Townsend.  Please click the photo.

Jan Lange (parent)
"The music education that my daughters have gotten at Townsend has been excellent. Their teacher has always provided challenging lessons geared to each girl's individual bent. I feel certain that the discipline that is required in learning to play a musical instrument has provided a sound basis for the way my daughters approach all of their education. As a result they have a skill and a love for music that will serve them and provide enjoyment for the rest of their lives."
Madeline McPherson (student)
I have been going to Townsend Music School for two years now, and I love it! Mr. Townsend is very helpful and nice and I love taking lessons there. I did not have any previous experience (unless you count my plastic keyboard I had when I was two) and I just learned Clementi's First Sonatina!
Leyla King (student)
I have been going to Townsend Music School for over 5 years and it is a wonderful place. The teachers are great and you'll surely enjoy it. I highly recommend Townsend Music School!
Rob M (parent)
Our daughter has been taking piano lessons at Townsend Music School for 18 months. She sums it up perfectly when she said "It's wonderful! My playing has improved so much since I started here!" The staff is always friendly and very helpful. Our daughter always looks forward to going to her lessons. We enjoy going to the two recitals a year--it is enjoyable to listen not only to our daughter but all the other students too. We have moved a lot and have taken lessons in many different locations and feel that this is by far one of the best schools we have had the pleasure to work with. We really like it here and would recommend this school to everyone.
Jessica Dawson (parent)
My 9-year-old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Mr. Townsend for about a year and a half and she loves it! She has learned so much and looks forward to her lesson each week. My five-year-old has also started lessons this year, and loves being a student of Mr. Townsend. Although she is young, Mr. Townsend has shown such patience with her and has really helped foster her appreciation for music and playing the piano. Both of my daughters have played in recitals and it's amazing to see how much they've accomplished, as well as see the talent that comes from students who have been with Townsend Music School for several years. As a mother, teacher, and former vocalist, I highly recommend Townsend Music School to anyone either just starting out or looking for a place to further their music abilities.
Sarah Borchelt (parent)
Townsend Music is a fabulous music school! Both of our children have studied piano there and it has been enjoyable and educational for them. They've learned an appreciation for music in addition to fine piano instruction. They also get the opportunity to perform on recitals twice a year. Learning to perform is a necessary skill as a musician, but that skill also carries over to public speaking and teaching. As a professional musician, I highly recommend Townsend Music School.

          Emily                        Jean                      Eric                       Madeline                   Elliot

Please click on the pictures above and see video testimonials from these and other of our students and parents. 
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Testimonials and videos
(from the students themselves)
Here is a wonderful letter that I (Tim Townsend received from one of my students. Even though she is a current piano student, she mailed it to me. She is a straight A student at school. Megan is 12 years old.
Here is another letter, this time from Allison. We did ask her to write something since we have several of her performances.
Why I Like Piano
Piano here at Townsend Music School is so much fun! The teachers here always make sure that you have pieces to play and always help you when you need help. They are always so nice and make playing piano great! I wanted to play piano because I would always remember how to play, even as I got older, and it would also help me in school. I have been playing for five years now and I am very happy with my success! One of my most favorite things about playing piano is that once you learn a song and keep practicing it, it will stay with you forever. I love playing all my old songs and love learning new ones too! Piano is a great instrument to know how to play and I am glad that I will be able to play it for the rest of my life. I am very glad that I started piano here!
from Allison, age 13 (now 16)
Here are a few recording of Allison through the years. (Notice her progress!)
I love playing piano at Townsend Music School because my sister and I are always greeted with a smile and my teacher loves to teach us. I always have a good time learning how to play piano and learn a lot at practice time. He encourages us to practice at home and is always so nice to us. I enjoy coming to my practices every week. After I leave, I am always in a good mood because he is so nice and I learned so much. I would highly recommend Townsend Music School to everyone.
from Richelle, age 11 (Now 12)
Because Richelle liked piano and her lessons so much, she recommended us to one of her best friends, Carlie. Carlie started lessons soon after. (We will have some recordings of Richelle as soon as possible)
To be accepted into an excellent private school, 12 year old Alyson was told to write an essay about something she cared about. She chose to write about her piano. The following is her essay.
If I could pick any skill to be proud of, I would choose playing the piano. I love playing the piano. The smooth keys on my stressed fingers is a good way to relax. I have been playing piano since I was 3 years old. Every Wednesday at 6:00, I go into the waiting room at Townsend Music School. I wait for my teacher, Mr. Townsend, to finish up with the student before me. He calls me into Room A, and I sit down and start playing. I show him the pieces I had practiced. When we are done, Mr. Townsend tells my mom what I need to work on.
Each year, I participate in 2 recitals, one in spring and one in winter. Usually, I am near the end because I practice more than the students before me. My favorite quote from a student is, “Why do the piano players get bigger and bigger and bigger and then Whoop! There’s a little one?” My piano teacher replies, “Because she PRACTICES!” I love playing the piano.
(She was accepted)
I love playing the piano because it will always be something you can show your friends what awesome pieces you have learned. Also the teachers are all very nice and fun. And every Tuesday morning I wake up and can't wait to come after school! I highly recommend Townsend Music School!
from Kyra, age 10 1/2 (now 11)
I started piano at the beginning of the school year last year. I have piano every week. I love to practice the piano a lot, or when I have time to practice. Every week, I look forward to piano. This Thursday I'm going to go to piano. I have to play with one hand. I can also play with two hands if I want to play with my hurt finger. I love to play the piano.
from M.L. 10 years old
Click on the photos to see videos of more performances from our recitals.
Some videos of our 2012 Spring recitals.
Our students bring us a drawings or something they made from time to time. These are few examples.
Amy Engle, 11 (now 19 and attending college) An excellent 5th grade 
school project. She received an "A" on the project.
Above, this is the inside of a homemade card that a student brought to her last lesson. She is moving to another state because her father was transferred. She is 10.
from Rachel, 9 years old (now 11)
from the same Rachel, 11 years old (she got a little carried away!)
Anne, 12 (now 17) also got carried away. (she and Rachel are good friends)
Alyson, 6 years old (now 14)
Natalie, 7 years old (now 17)
We would like to return the compliments.
We believe that our students are simply THE BEST!!!!!!!
Christmas Section..............
Here are a few Christmas songs played by our students.
Allison's rendition of "Carol of the Bells"  Another interpretation by A.N.
Here are a T.H. and A.Q. playing "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" with Mr. Townsend.
(It's their favorite!)
Our favorite videos of professional performances.
PLEASE listen to these. They are incredible.
Horowitz playing Mazurka Op. 17 #4. Music is superimposed. This is the finest interpretation we've ever heard of this piece.
Tim Townsend
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65th Anniversary!