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Benefits of Continued Music Lessons
New Evidence that Music affects longevity. Here's a link you should check out!
(If you play the piano or any instrument, you know that it relieves stress)
"It has been my personal observation through 45 years of teaching, that the following advantages are definitely true! .......Tim Townsend
Besides the best benefit of being able to make music, there are a considerable amount of other advantages to continued music study.
Children taking music lessons show an increase in IQ. Children who receive music lessons display increased IQ as young adults and score better on standardized tests.
Year after year, students who take music lessons achieve higher scores on their SATs. The longer the time studied, the greater the difference in scores. This is a fact that has been proven time and time again.
Colleges and Universities view music education highly when considering college applications. Continued dedication and perseverance in music lessons will make the biggest impression. What will set your child apart from all of the others who are applying for a college or for a scholarship to a college? It probably won’t be sports, since so many will have that on their applications. It will be music lessons, which the child had since a young age and which he or she stuck with up until college. That dedication will make an impression.
Success with music lessons takes a lot of discipline, and that discipline transfers to the skills necessary to be successful academically. Study skills, cognitive skills and communication skills are just a few areas which are continually improved with music lessons.
Students involved with music lessons throughout the middle and high school years show significantly higher levels of proficiency in math by grade twelve.
In a Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse study, secondary students who participate in music via band or music lessons have the lowest lifetime use of substances including alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs.
There are many benefits to taking music lessons when you’re young, but music lessons continue to have benefits throughout one’s entire life. There is some thought among the medical community that it adds to ones longevity. It has long been known that music reduces stress.
Music participants receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students, and the percentage of music participants receiving A’s and B’s is higher than the percentage of non-participants.
The U.S. Department of Education lists the arts as subjects that college bound middle and high school students should take.
Because of the advantages of music lessons, we believe that the continued study of music can be more important than many other subjects in your child’s curriculum.
Students who take lessons throughout their grade school, middle school, and high school years show the greatest dedication and perseverance, and will reap the greatest benefits.
It is always a tragedy to let sports or anything else crowd out your child’s music education. Practicing takes very little time, especially compared with the time just one sport takes, and the rewards are incredible.
Again, long term music students will be accepted to better colleges and universities, and get better scholarships. If music were responsible for keeping your child off drugs or decreasing your child’s stress, that alone would be reason enough to take and continue lessons. When your child ends up with a higher IQ because of music lessons, that is certainly reason enough to take and continue lessons. The self esteem that music lessons build is another consideration. And what about the development of better hand-eye coordination? There are so many more benefits that it would take a book to list them all. Let’s just say that with continued music lessons, you’re child is on the right path!
Music lessons pay for themselves many times over.
You are making sure your child will get higher grades in school and will get into the best college or university possible by beginning and continuing music lessons.
With a higher grade point average in school, and the plus of having studied music throughout childhood, your child will be more likely to be accepted to his or her choice of college or university, and much more likely to get scholarships.
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