Over 65 years of Excellence
Over 65 years of experience and success

We are extremely proud to be celebrating our 65th anniversary this year! We offer Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Voice lessons, Violin lessons, Viola lessons, Flute lessons, Song writing, Theory lessons, and Composition lessons from the most qualified, experienced, professional teachers.
• Our location is easily accessible from Ballwin, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Ellisville, Frontenac, Grover, Ladue, Olivette, Town and Country, Wildwood and O'Fallon. We have students from Wentzville, Dardenne Prairie, Weldon Springs, Eureka, Fenton and East to University City.
Colleen Smirl
Colleen Smirl, a wonderful instructor of piano, piano/voice, flute, and voice, is highlighted on our website at the present time. She is a virtuoso pianist, flutist, and vocalist. If you are looking for the finest instructor available, you couldn't do better. Or even as well.  See our teachers page for photo and a little more information.
Our goal is for our students to enjoy music, to teach them how to play correctly and to sing correctly, and to help them realize their full potential in music. If you are a beginner, our instructors make learning a fun and enjoyable experience! If you already have taken lessons and are more advanced, our instructors are unsurpassed in providing exciting direction to your music education. We teach all ages, and all types of music.
Here are parents of some of our students giving impromptu testimonials for our school. Liz has 2 children taking piano lessons, one of whom is also taking violin lessons. Jean also has 2 children, both taking piano. One of them also took piano/voice lessons for a couple of years and enjoyed them very much. Paula has 2 children taking lessons and as you can see, she has a third who will soon be taking.
And thanks so much to each of you for allowing us to surprise you with a camera, ask for your opinions and take a video!
Call: 636-394-4055
Please leave your name and number if no one is available to answer.
We will call you back as soon as possible. We can discuss time availability, teacher availability, and anything else you would like. We believe in personal contact as the means of communication! (as opposed to cold, non-personal email).
Our school is well established, with instructors who have been with us for from 4 to 27 years. We have a remarkably impressive track record in music education, having been successful for over 65 years. With teachers who have proven over the years to be trustworthy, professional, dedicated, dependable, and who are are extremely well liked by the kids as well as the parents. We know how to teach. Our enrollment averages about 300 students. That's 300 lessons a week.
Here are some of the outstanding qualities Townsend Music School possesses:
Instructors with extremely high qualifications. (Degrees, experience, character, an amazing ability to relate to children as well as adults, and extremely exceptional musicians)
Three of our seven instructors have masters degrees.
Safe, convenient location with a very nice waiting room.
Opportunities for performances, recitals, and playing in the National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions.
The finest pianos in our beautiful studios. It is critically important to have a REAL piano in each studio for music lessons. (You can practice on a keyboard, but taking your lesson on an actual piano and exposure to an actual piano is crucial!)
Music at our fingertips. We have a huge library of the best music ever written for piano students plus classical and popular music. You do not have to go running around town, driving everywhere trying to find the music your instructor wants.
We are not commercialized. We are not a store, or affiliated with a store where their interest is in selling instruments and merchandise. Our only interest is in music education. We are a private school.
Townsend Music School has been providing the best in music education for over 60 years. Our instructors are professional teachers whose lives are devoted to teaching children as well as adults the joys of making music. We make the learning process fun and exciting. We would like to see every child take music lessons and discover how music enriches their lives! (adults, too)
Again, there are only a few precious years from age 4 to high school graduation. And you must start young for the best results.
It is of utmost importance to start with the right teacher, an experienced, highly qualified teacher, from the very beginning. It is very important to have a teacher who can relate to each student. You will know for sure that you have the RIGHT TEACHER when you come to Townsend.
Why take a chance with these precious years? Come to Townsend Music School.
• We are interested in music education exclusively. (We don't sell or rent instruments)
• We have student friendly policies.
• Our instructors teach for Townsend Music School. They are not independent contractors. This makes for a more cohesive environment, where you can count on the School's basic concepts to be followed. .................................................................................................................................................

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We will make a difference in you life and/or the life of your child!
New students are accepted year round at Townsend Music School.
Please call us for information about registration, tuition and times available.
Studio phone: 636-394-4055
14776 Clayton Road
Ballwin, MO 63011
We are located on Clayton Road, East of Baxter Road in Wildwood Plaza. We are just down from the "Wine and Cheese Place".
We are located in the city of Chesterfield, MO, although our address is in Ballwin, MO., because of postal irregularities.
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Our school does not sell merchandise, pianos, or any instruments. We are not a store. We are interested solely in teaching and in the education of our pupils.

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14776 Clayton Road

Ballwin, MO   63011

Phone:  636-394-4055


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65th Anniversary!